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Join the collaboration and our SiMPL™ Network

The SiMPL™ Network provides a suite of specialized services designed to elevate  project integration manager-to-client collaboration and I2M commercialization.
Open Workspace

We are better together!  

We are developing a multi-stakeholder Collaboratory where the next generation of agile freelancers and organizations can achieve a “convergence” on single ideas or integrate complex systems and “accelerate” speed to market. We have developed a Sharing Capitalism™ model whereby a virtual team can potentially share in project equity, revenue, royalty, etc. to increase value to all contributors. 


In the 21st century, decentralized and open methods are leading 20th century closed systems.  It is a new day and we, at Blueprints Lab, are a thought leader in this new era of innovation.  Where do you fit in?


Client Development

We have already developed clients in multiple sectors, we welcome collaboration and introduction to new clients.


Virtual Team Expansion

We need candidates to integrate with our clients’ teams.  Do you have skills in project management, administration, or development?  Share your resume with us and if approved to the Network, we can help you work with us and our clients.


Training Opportunities

We create custom training to meet these changing times.  How can you share your expertise? We use local and remote training options.



Many of the ideas and inventions become start-ups and even franchise concepts.  We are looking for franchise developers, consultants, brokers, and owners.


Subject Matter Experts

We need subject matter experts and validators in a wide range of disciplines.  Is this you?  Join our Network today.


Sharing Capitalism™

This is the new economy.  Big is out, small agile is in.  We needed a new way to monetize human contribution.  Sharing Capitalism™ enables stakeholders and every level to potentially share in equity, revenue, royalty and more.

Laptop Writing

It’s not often we find tools that can operate in the highly specialized environments in which we work. SiMPL has allowed our teams to seamlessly collaborate with industry partners, military, and even universities and engage with them in a whole new way.


  SiMPL Project Integration Manager at Baylor University


Join a global community of leading experts, firms, agencies, and facilitators deeply committed to fostering innovation convergence and transformation.


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Proud to be a 2020 U.S. EDA Grant Award-Winner

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